What is Epoxy Pipe Lining?

Epoxy pipe lining became a plumbing option as early as 1952. However, many still are unsure what it is and the benefits it can have for the average homeowner.

A clean, cost-effective way to fix any broken pipes (without damaging your floors or walls), here’s what all California homeowners should know about epoxy lining and your pipes.

When is Epoxy Lining an Option?

For those who need to replace an older pipe but are on a budget, the epoxy lining is a great option to fix the issue. Epoxy Lining works by fixing the area where the damage lives inside the pipe itself, essentially creating “a new pipe” on the inside of it. This is ideal for cracked pipes, blocked pipes, leaking or broken pipes, and more.

What is The Process of Epoxy Lining?

First, a camera evaluation occurs to check the extension of damage in the pipe and to locate exactly the areas that should be replaced. From there, preparation will begin. The pipe must be cleaned so that no blockages are present. They will then be checked a second time to precisely gather the length of the lining that is needed. Placement of the lining through the inside of the pipes occurs and the epoxy resin must then be left to cure.

What are The Benefits of Choosing Epoxy Lining? 

One of the biggest benefits is the ability to repair parts of your plumbing instead of having to pay and repair the whole piece. This process allows you to spot fill areas that really need it with safe materials, producing less waste. It’s also quick and does not require digging as other methods may. 

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