Benefits of Green Hot Water Heating

“Green.” It’s a color, of course. But for ages it’s also been used to describe the human condition in different ways. For example, someone may be “green with envy,” or they may be “green” (brand new) to something. Today, the newest incarnation of “green” describes the way our material things affect the earth. There are green cars, green buildings – and there is also green plumbing.

Green plumbing involves methods that conserve water and energy. There are several ways to implement green plumbing in your home, especially with water heating. We have listed a few green water heating solutions and there benefits below.

Tankless Water Heaters

  • Reduce water heating costs as much as 50%! Tankless water heaters heat only on demand when hot water is needed. Since no hot water is in storage, you have eliminated thermal heat loss.
  • Never run out of hot water. These water heaters never stop producing hot water since they heat it instantly when it is needed.
  • Reduced risk of scalding. Tankless water heaters let you set the temperature to a reasonable and safer temperature.
  • Less likely to leak or rupture. Since water isn’t stored, these water heaters are likely to last longer since harmful coatings in the interior will not form since water isn’t sitting there.

Solar Water Heating Systems

  • Lower operating costs. The water heater primarily runs from the sun energy and this upfront investment will decrease your bills over time.
  • Less Pollution. Conventional water heaters pollute the air with carbon dioxide.
  • Long term, they pay for themselves. While conventional water heaters are less expensive upfront, solar water heaters actually pay for themselves in the long run due to savings in energy bills. After the initial payback period (about 4 to 8 years), you might pay nothing for hot water in the proceeding years.

These green water heaters also help you save in another way – taxes! You may be eligible for a tax break when you invest in energy efficient water heating methods. Check out the Water Heater Tax Credit 2011 to find out if you qualify. So, if you are concerned about saving money, saving the earth, or both, consider investing in a new green water heating system.