PEX Piping as a Copper Alternative


PEX plumbing, or corsslinked polyethylene, is a great choice in pipe alternatives, especially when it comes to slab leaks and copper pipe lines. Since it is a corrosion-resistant product (flexible and durable) it is a great solution for copper repiping needs.

Approved for use in the U.S. in 1980, PEX piping has a lot of advantages. What are they?


  • Resistance. Although copper pipes are strong, they are susceptible to the corrosion PEX piping can avoid.
  • Flexibility. In hard to reach areas, PEX piping is the answer. It curves easily, leaving joints out of the equation and minimizing leak potential.
  • Sound. PEX piping is actually much quieter than other alternatives.
  • Versatility. PEX piping can be hooked up to existing cooper pipes, saving you from a complete pipe replacement.
  • Cost. Yes, that’s right – another energy efficient alternative. What can we say? Barker and Sons is happy to help you save.


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