PEX Piping Vs. Copper Piping

Copper pipe repair air conditioning  gas fire.Copper or PEX piping? It’s really up to you! With pros and cons to each, Barker and Sons can help you choose the piping that would work best in your particular situation or for your home.

See a breakdown below:

Copper: If you have a home in Orange County built years ago, and haven’t replaced the pipes, they are probably made of copper. This longstanding piping material is great for plumbing because it’s natural attributes make it hard for bacteria to grow inside. Plus, it’s resistance to ultraviolet rays make it great for the outdoors. Copper can, however, freeze and break in extra cold temperatures which isn’t a common concern for California residents.

PEX: PEX, on the other hand, is attractive to homeowners because of its affordable price. Plus, its flexibility makes it a great option for replacing just a portion of your existing pipe. The installation is also fairly simple, in comparison. Unlike copper, however, PEX can not be used outside.

For repiping services in Anaheim, Orange County and the surrounding area, turn to Barker and Sons. We are experienced with both copper and PEX piping and can find a solution that is best for you. Visit our website for more information. No leak should be left alone!