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Sink & Faucet Replacement & Installation

Sink and Faucet Replacement and Installation

Sinks and faucets are some of the most commonly used appliances in your home. And while they’re built to last a long time, there are many reasons you might want to install a new sink or replace a faucet. Whether you want to do some minor bathroom or kitchen remodeling or you’ve got a dripping faucet you want to replace, call Barker & Sons! Whether you want to update all your sinks or just need to fix a leak, our expert Orange County plumbers can replace your old, outdated faucets with any new faucets you want!

If you want to install a sink in Orange County, or if you need faucet replacement, call Barker & Sons!

Install a Sink in Orange County

Whether you want to install a new kitchen sink, a bathroom sink or even a laundry or utility sink, call Barker & Sons! Our expert Orange County plumbers can install a new sink in any room in your house! Call us if you want to install a:

  • Utility sink
  • Pedestal sink
  • Undermount sink
  • Single, double or triple bowl sink
  • Apron front sink
  • Bar / prep / entertainment sink
  • Gourmet sink

If you want to install a sink where there wasn’t one before, we can install all the plumbing necessary to hook your sink into your existing system. If you want to install a sink in Orange County, CA, call Barker & Sons!

Faucet Replacement in Orange County

Faucet replacement is a great way to update the look of your kitchen or bathroom without all the hassle and expense of a full-on remodel. If you’ve got your faucets already picked out, or if you’re just thinking about replacing them, call Barker & Sons! We can pop out your old faucets and replace them with newly updated ones to give you a new look in new time.

Looking for faucet replacement to stop a leak? We can help with that too! Because they’re used so often, faucets take a lot of wear and tear. If you’ve got worn out O-rings, washers, seats, stems or other faucet parts, call Barker & Sons for faucet repair in Orange County, CA today!

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