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Sewer Main FAQs

What is a sewer main?

A: The sewer main is a utility pipe that carries wastewater from your house to the wastewater treatment plant. Buildings are connected to the sewer main by smaller pipes known as sewer laterals.

Am I responsible for my sewer line?

A: You are responsible for some, but not all, of your sewer line. All sewer lines have a public and a private side. Basically, you need to take care of every part of the pipe that extends to the end of your property lines. Your responsibilities include repairing it if it gets damaged, clogged, etc.

What is a sewer cleanout?

A: A sewer cleanout is a point of access where the sewer line can be serviced. It is usually about four ft in diameter with a steel or plastic cover on it. The sewer cleanout is vital to knocking out clogs in your sewer line without having to dig them up. To maintain your sewer cleanout, find out where it is located and make sure you keep that area clear of debris and plants, and other things – you’ll need quick access to it to prevent overflow in the event of a blockage.

Do I need a permit to fix my main sewer line?

A: Yes. Fortunately, when you call Barker & Sons for sewer line service, we take care of all the permitting details for you!