Don’t DIY These Plumbing Problems!

“DIY” – you’ve probably heard that term. It stands for “Do It Yourself,” and it’s a popular concept these days – especially during this challenging economy. There’s even an entire television network dedicated to DIYing your home. Taking care of household repairs and fix-ups yourself can be very beneficial, but sometimes the most beneficial thing you can do – for your wallet, your home and your sanity – is to let a professional perform jobs that really require specialized knowledge and skills. So, how do you know which jobs to take on yourself and which to leave to the pros? Here are just a few.

Fixture Installations – Performing installations yourself may seem like a money-saver, but you can find yourself in over your head very quickly. When an installation attempt goes wrong, it often costs more money to have it fixed by a professional than it would have cost to hire the professional initially. If fixtures like sinks, toilets, water heaters and dish washers are installed incorrectly, you could find yourself with anything from small, undetectable leaks to a full-blown flooded home.

Hot Water Heater Installations, Maintenance and Repairs – It’s especially important to have professionals install and maintain your hot water heater. These appliances must be connected to natural gas and water lines with air-tight seals. If your hot water heater is not installed perfectly, you risk exposing your home and your family to natural gas leaks, potential flooding and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sewer Problems – Sewer issues pose a potential health hazard. If you have sewer problems, it’s best to hire a professional plumber who is trained to deal with hazardous waste. Keep in mind, not all Orange County plumbers are licensed, and not all are trained to deal with hazardous waste. We at Barker and Sons meet both of these criteria. We are specially trained to fix sewer problems without exposing your family to harmful waste and bacteria.

No matter what, if you have to wonder whether a job requires a professional, you should probably err on the side of caution. Do-It-Yourself projects can be rewarding, but when the safety of your home and family are in question, it’s best to hire someone who is trained to do the job right. As always, Barker and Sons plumbers in Orange County are happy to help you determine the best options for your plumbing problems. Feel free to call us anytime!