Ways To Save Money On Your Water Bill

Even if your current water bill isn’t breaking the bank, it’s always nice to save a little when you can, right? We think so! That’s why today’s blog is all about what you can do to cut down on your water expenses. Check out the ideas we came up with below:

Address leaks: Most importantly, address any leaks that are evident in your home. Even if it’s just a drip here or there from your faucet, every day that goes by without a solution is a day that leads to an increase in your utility bills. Not to mention, failing to take care of a leak wastes water, and with the current drought in California it’s essential that we are all doing our part to conserve whenever we can. To have us patch up your leaks, give us a call at 714.630.8766.

Use a dishwasher: If your home is fully equipped with a dishwasher but you find yourself still doing the work manually some of the time – stop! Did you know that it takes less water to clean a full load of dirty dishes through the dishwasher than it does to wash them by hand? The next time you go to turn on the faucet, change your approach and place all of your dirty dishes in the dishwasher instead.

Cold water only: When doing the laundry, make an effort to wash your clothes in cold water rather than hot – this can save water and energy! And the best part is, using cold water can even preserve the colors of your clothes better than hot water does, so this approach can bring more benefits than one!

Store drinking water in the fridge: Do you prefer for your drinking water to be cold? If so, keep water bottles handy and store them in the fridge rather than run the tap to get yourself a cold glass. Although you may have to spend a bit more at the grocery store to stock up on water, the amount you can save by keeping your faucet off will be worth it!

Now let us ask – what other ways can you come up with to save money on your water bill? Be sure to visit us on our Facebook or Twitter page to let us know!

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