The Benefits of a Water Softener System

The ground we walk upon contains many fascinating minerals, metals and chemicals. They’re not typically a threat to people, but they do cause problems for water entering the home. Household water is clean overall, but those minerals and impurities do find their way into the supply, calcium in particular, and they cause problems for home appliances, and anything cleaned by the water. The phenomenon is known as hard water. It fades clothing washed in the water, leaving white spots and streaks on the fabric. The insides of appliances, designed to hold and heat water, become coated in a scaly residue, shortening the working life of dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters and more. Faucets, fixtures and pipes become coated, the nozzles of showers blocked.

A water softener system prevents the buildup of calcium and magnesium deposits in pipes and appliances. Clogs and blockages are eliminated, appliances work efficiently again. The benefits of such a system are obviously worthwhile, saving the expense of replacing damaged appliances and stained clothing. The inconvenience of cleaning the scaly deposits from pipes, plumbing fixtures and water tanks is an annoyance at the very least, damaging to the household at worst, raising electric bills due to lost efficiency in popular water using appliances.

The best water softener devices do more than filter water. They use chemicals designed to bond to the calcium and magnesium ions, switching places with the dissolved calcium or magnesium to leave behind a far less harmful chemical, which in turn, is flushed away down a drainpipe. Sodium, in the form of sodium bicarbonate, is a typical chemical used for reducing hard water in the household water supply. An electric supply is also needed for the unit, charging the ions before they can be swapped.

It’s an elegant solution to the issue of hard water, extending the operating life of expensive appliances, and removing the source of scaly water deposits on shower heads and faucets. Soap will lather again, and a shower becomes a more pleasurable experience for everyone.

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