Differences Between Tankless Water Heaters And Tank Water Heaters

Almost every home owner will have to face the reality of replacing their hot water heater. Usually this comes into play when yours stops working.  However, if you are planning a remodel of a kitchen or bathroom you may want to consider replacing an older model since the newer ones are more efficient and you seldom have a warning when you will need a new one. This is not a decision that should be taken lightly since heating water is one the biggest energy users in the average house.

There are two types of water heaters-traditional ones that use a tank to store heated water and tankless ones that provide instant hot water. Tankless water heaters have many advantages. They may last longer since they do not have the issue of sediment building in a tank. Most important for those with limited space, they also take up less room since the heater can be mounted to a wall and there is no tank. In addition, they should never run out of hot water since the water is instantly heated. Finally, for those trying to reduce their carbon footprint, tankless systems use less energy since they do not waste energy heating stored water.

However, the benefits of a traditional water heater should not be ignored. The price of the unit and the cost of installation are significantly less. Depending in the cost of energy, the savings of a tankless system may not be realized for almost 20 years or at all, especially considering that the newer traditional models are more energy efficient.  In addition, they seldom require any maintenance while a tankless heater may need to be serviced on a yearly basis. Finally, while the tankless heater theoretically never runs out of hot water, they cannot always handle a large amount of hot water use at once. If more than one shower and the washer is running the may not keep up.

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