Dangers Of Tree Roots In Your Sewer Line

Many people don’t associate their trees with their sewer lines, much less see how the combination of these two can actually be a problem. Unfortunately tree roots in sewer lines is a very real and expensive threat, and homeowners often don’t realize the danger tree roots can have to sewer lines until it’s too late. A homeowner can use the following tips to see if their tree roots are posing a threat to their sewer lines.

A tree that may be damaging a sewer line will manifest itself in the plumbing and the homeowner will likely not put these two issues together until it’s too late. Common signs that tree roots may be causing plumbing issues include slow draining tubs, sinks, and other drains, clogging toilets or toilets that won’t flush properly, and sudden lack of water pressure. While these are not always signs of tree root problems, a homeowner should not take these issues lightly, particularly if one or more of these symptoms are happening at the same time.

Tree roots are dangerous to sewer lines because they can grow into the sewer lines themselves which can puncture the line and cause it to break. This leads to poor water flow or a burst pipe in the home or under the home’s foundation, which can lead to costly repairs. Another result of dangerous tree roots is that they can pinch sewer lines as well. This is often what causes slow drainage in sinks and toilets to not flush properly.

Keeping trees trimmed and not giving them too much nutrition is one way to keep tree roots at bay. An obvious and permanent solution to nasty tree roots is in removing the tree itself. Homeowners who are concerned that their tree roots may be causing damage to their sewer line should contact their plumber to make sure that their sewer lines are not being affected.

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