How to deal with Invasive Tree Roots

lone tree with roots

While trees are a beautiful part of nature, tree roots are certainly not a sewer line’s best friend. Keeping tree roots out of your sewer line can be tricky, however, we do have some tips for preventing bigger issues.

Call Barker and Sons for hydrojetting services. Hydrojetting can clear out small tree roots that have already grown inside your sewer line. This will prevent further expansion which could otherwise lead to cracks in your line and repair needs.

Call Barker and Sons for a camera inspection. If you think the roots in you sewer might be larger than a hydro-jet can handle, we’ll go in with our state of the art video technology to identify the true size of the problem.

Call Barker and Sons for trenchless sewer replacement. If the camera inspection identified a larger problem than hydro jetting can fix, you may need a sewer replacement. The good news is that no longer has to include digging up your yard and ruining your landscape. We provide trecnhless technology that enables us to go into your sewer line from just small access points on either side.

Looking to avoid the invasion of tree roots in the first place? When planting trees, know where your sewer line is and plant a reasonable distance away. For extra security, consider a slow-release chemical barrier to prevent root growth past a certain area.

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