How To Choose The Right Plunger To Solve Your Plumbing Problem

Most people would say that must-have essentials for their home include items like toilet paper, paper towels, dishes and of course, the larger items like a bed and a couch. But they often forget about those items that aren’t used all the time, even if they are a complete life saver in certain situations – a plunger, for example. It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people either don’t have one or can’t seem to figure out where they put it last.

But let’s say you do have one (as you should) – did you know that the one you have may not be right for every plumbing problem you face? It’s true! There are actually several kinds of plungers on the market that you should be aware of and have. Here’s what they’re used for:

Types of Plungers | Plumber in Anaheim | Plumbing in AnaheimFlange Plungers

Your flange plunger is the type of plunger you are probably most familiar with – it’s the one you use to unclog a toilet. These types of plungers have cups that resemble a sink plunger, but it is also designed with a rubber flap that can be folded out to fit just right in the toilet drain. Hence, why this type of plunger is perfect for addressing toilet problems!

Accordion Plungers

Accordion plungers are also a good choice when you have a toilet that’s backed up – its design is perfectly suited for this purpose. However, you may find that this plunger is a bit harder to use due to the materials they are usually made with. If you do have one at your disposal, though, keep it in the bathroom as that’s where it will come in handy!

Cup Plungers

Your standard cup plunger is what you can expect to use when you experience trouble with your sinks. Although you may have used this before to try and clear out a toilet, it is most effective on sinks because the design and shape of the cup is best suited for flat surfaces – this type of surface allows it to create better suction.

Although they may not be the first thing on your list of home goods to buy, make sure you have several plungers at home – one of each – so that you’re prepared to handle any type of clog the right way. After all, if the plunger you have isn’t meant for what you have to fix, it would be pretty hard to accomplish anything!

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