How To Prepare Your Home For El Niño

Although California has been in a drought for several years, El Niño has officially arrived and is taking our state by storm. As a result, much of Southern California has experienced flooding, mudflows, even a small tornado, and unfortunately, more of this may be on the way.

Sign saying stormy weather ahead

So what does this mean for residents of Orange County, California and the surrounding communities? One thing’s for sure – if you haven’t done much to prepare your home, you’ve got to do so now. Here’s what we recommend:

Address Leaks

Have leaks in your home, such as those near your roof, that haven’t been addressed due to the lack of rainfall we’ve experienced in the past? To make sure El Niño doesn’t make it’s way into your home this year, take the time now to have them patched up.

Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters and/or downspouts are clogged with debris such as branches and leaves, you can bet it will be difficult for them to keep water away from your home. So, when there’s a break in the storm, check to make sure nothing has piled up so that your gutter system can continue to work properly.

Check Your Sump Pump

Prevent your basement from flooding by having a working sump pump! If you suspect that there is an issue with yours, contact a trusted plumber to have it inspected immediately. To learn more about the sump pump services we offer at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter, click here.

Put Away Outdoor Furniture

Secure your outdoor furniture in a safe place so that it doesn’t have to face the storm without protection. Especially for outdoor pieces such as barbecues that aren’t meant to withstand an excessive amount of water, take some time to reorganize the space in your garage, shed or basement so that you can bring them indoors.

Inspect Drains

Storms as severe as those brought by El Niño can be extremely damaging to your plumbing, so make it a priority to have your drains inspected. If there is even the slightest blockage in your drains, it can wreak havoc on your entire system! For more information about the drain services we offer, such as camera inspections, click here.

Once the above tasks are complete, don’t forget to put together an emergency preparedness kit that your family can easily access! For additional tips on how to prepare and take care of your home during this time, check out this article from the Los Angeles Times.

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