Reasons Why You Would Need Sewer Line Repairs

When you think about plumbing and potential plumbing problems, we bet your first thoughts are about things like clogged toilets and slow draining kitchen sinks. In the grand scheme of things, though, your plumbing system is so much more than that!

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An area that we’d like to focus on today is your sewer line – would you know if your sewer line was in need of some repairs? Since you need your sewer line to be working properly to perform basic functions in your home such as flushing the toilet, it’s critical that you know when calling in a professional is necessary. Below, learn three reasons why sewer line repairs would be necessary.

  1. Many things in your home start to act up. When your toilets, tubs and sinks all start to malfunction at the same time, it’s likely that the root of the problem is in your sewer. In addition to noticing that plumbing fixtures are having trouble simultaneously, also keep an eye out for fixtures that are causing a second problem to unfold – for example, your toilet showing signs of trouble while your washing machine is on.
  2. Tree roots have entered your system. If tree roots invade your sewer line, it becomes much more difficult for routine cleaning to be done – that means the potential for clogs is much higher. Furthermore, if you leave them sitting for too long, tree roots can grow strong enough to cause some serious damage and crack the pipes. If you start to notice that the plumbing in your home is working slower than usual, tree roots may be the source of the problem.
  3. You notice a sour smell around your home. One of the most obvious signs that you need sewer line repairs is a sour smell – if you notice a foul sewage odor in the lower level(s) of your home and/or around your home, chances are there is a cracked or broken pipe somewhere that needs repairs or potentially even replacement.

If you notice any of the above signs in your Orange County home, contact the team at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter right away so that one of our expert plumbers can diagnose and fix the problem. A benefit of our sewer line repair services is that we use a “no dig” method known as trenchless sewer repair, which minimizes the amount of disruptions your home experiences.

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