What to do if You Experience a Plumbing Emergency on Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is the day many of us have been looking forward to all year, and if you’re as excited as we are, then chances are that things such as your plumbing system aren’t even a thought in your mind.

If you’ll be hosting Thanksgiving at your home, though, your responsibilities don’t just end after the turkey has been cooked and served – you also have your home to think about, and it becomes your job to make sure that all of its systems stay intact. Additionally, it’s also your job to make sure you know what to do in case something should go wrong! If a plumbing emergency disrupts your festivities tomorrow, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Shut off the water: to prevent anything from getting too out of hand, the first thing you should do is turn off the water, which can be done using your main shut off valve or the shut off valve that directly impacts the fixture in question.

Make space around the affected area: it would be pretty difficult to fix the problem if everyone is busy crowding around the area, so politely ask your guests to relocate to a different room if the problem occurs in a high-traffic space, such as your kitchen. Additionally, if you have various items in the way (perhaps a table that you’re serving your food on), move them elsewhere so that your plumber can easily access the area.

Clean up what you can: if it’s a leak that you’re experiencing or an overflowing toilet, for example, and water is pouring all over the floor, grab some old towels and soak up what you can in the meantime to make the area safer – the safety of you, your guests and your plumber is very important!

Contact your plumber: most importantly, don’t wait too long to contact your local plumber. You should always seek a professional’s help during a plumbing emergency, as they have the knowledge on how to best handle the situation in a quick yet efficient way!

For anyone in Orange County, California, we at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter are always available to assist with plumbing emergencies – even on holidays! We are prepared to help with plumbing problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so you can always count on us.

Should you need us this Thanksgiving, just give us a call at 714.630.8766.