5 Tips to Protect Your Home if You’re Going Away for the Holidays

Vacations are some of the best and most anticipated times of the year. We wait months until we finally jet off to go see family who live far away and leave all our cares behind us. You know who also can’t wait for you to take that vacation? Burglars and surprise at-home disasters. With no one to stop them, vacations are the perfect times for havoc to ensue. That’s why we’re giving you these tips to protect you and your home if you’re going away for the holidays.

  1. Make It Looks Like Someone is Home: Set timers to have lights and televisions turn on and off at different times throughout the day. Have someone park their car in your driveway. Position your blinds and shades as you normally would, as long as they don’t give view to any valuables inside.
  2. Have a Neighbor Help Out: A trusted neighbor is a great resource to have while you’re traveling. Ask them to collect your mail so it doesn’t up and signal that no one is home to get it, and notify them to call the police if they see any suspicious activity. If you’d think they’d go the extra mile, ask if they would mind shoveling your walkways if it snows to really make it seem as if someone is home.
  3. Stay Off Social Media: We know it’s super tempting to post photos of your trip, but all this does is confirm to potential burglars that you’re not home. Avoid posting vacation photos until your back, and if you can’t resist that, make sure to remove any geotags that social media sites may automatically include in your post.
  4. Take Care of Utilities: Take some time to go through all the mechanics of your home. Turn off your main water supply to prevent any pipes from bursting, especially during the colder months. Adjust your thermostat to do the same and so you don’t come home to an icebox. Also, unplug any unnecessary electronics to prevent electrical fires.
  5. Remove Your Spare Key: You would feel foolish if you went through all the motions of burglar-proofing your home, only for an invader to get in by finding your spare key. Take any and all hidden keys with you when you travel so you don’t risk someone having an easy way into your house. Just remember to put them back when you return from your trip.

You want to spend your trip enjoying your time off, not worrying if a stranger is stealing your new TV or your basement is flooding from a burst pipe. If you follow these tips and prepare your home to be without you for a few days, you can spend the holidays with your loved one, knowing your house and belongings are safe from harm.

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