5 DIY Uses for PVC Pipes

*Last updated January 16, 2018.

Studies show that Polyvinyl Chloride (better known as PVC) is the most widely used material for piping systems in the world today. It’s resistant to corrosion and abrasion, easy-to-install, and a great option for DIY enthusiasts. In fact, plumbing problems aren’t the only at-home issues that PVC pipes can solve.

Check out these DIY ideas we snagged from Pinterest to put PVC projects to the test all around your house.

5 Ways to DIY Old PVC Pipes

  1. 1. Deck The Walls: Breathe some life into your decor with a living art display. All you need is some PVC, a few plants, and a can of copper spray paint.

  2. Organize the Garage: This simple hack will have your brooms, shovels, and rakes standing at attention. Say goodbye to that cluttered corner that’s a hazard waiting to happen.

  3. Build Some Storage: Admit it, there’s at least one area in your house you can identify where the storage is scarce. Well, before you go spending extra money on a built-in closet organizer, or an extra armoire, build some shelves with PVC instead!

  4. Create a Frame: Cut your PVC pipes crosswise and attach the pieces to create a fun picture frame!

  5. Perfect Your Pottery: Give your potted plants some oomph with this fun PVC pipe design. If you’re really feeling crafty, paint it green to resemble a cactus!

How have you recycled PVC piping in your home? We’d love to see all your crazy creations on our Facebook page.

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