5 Signs You Have Hard Water

Let’s face it, the water quality in the Orange County area is definitely less than ideal. Fortunately, it doesn’t pose any significant risks to your health, but it can definitely have some pretty pesky side effects around your home. If you’re experiencing any of the hard water signs below, it may be time to consider a soft water solution!

  1. Spotty Symptoms: Are your dishes and glassware exhibiting questionable water stains after washing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many folks with hard water deal with the bothersome residue they leave behind – and the trouble of having to buff it away!
  2. Icky, Sticky Showers: That tough-to-clean shower film is not your fault. No level of scrubbing can truly eliminate it, especially when you’re scrubbing with the very water that’s causing it!
  3. Crunchy Laundry: That new, soft sweater or set of linens came out of the dryer stiff and scruffy didn’t it? Don’t blame your fabric softener – this one’s all on your hard water minerals.
  4. Itchy Skin: If you’re dealing with dry, itchy skin to no avail – your water might be the problem. When hard water minerals are present, you’ll have a harder time completely rinsing away soap, leaking dry, itching skin in its wake. The same goes for dry hair!
  5. Sky-High Water Bills: If you’ve had hard water your whole life as a homeowner, you may not even notice this one. But when hard water minerals are present, the energy it takes to heat your water is even higher than usual.

Stop living with the annoying effects of hard water, and look to Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter for a permanent solution. We offer a variety of water softening systems to meet each of our customers’ needs individually.

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