We can’t see them, but we know they’re there – and they’re a real pain! That’s right, we’re talking about clogs in your sewer line. Fortunately for you, there are a few simple ways to keep them at bay. After all, nobody wants a backed up sump pump or an overflowing toilet – talk about a real stinky situation!

  1. Don’t flush foreign objects. From baby wipes and paper towels, to tissues, q-tips and even clumps of hair. We know it may seem tempting, but keep anything other than toilet paper out of the bowl – even if they claim to be flushable! Read our full list of household items that commonly cause drain & sewer clogs.
  2. Be particular with your toilet paper. To bounce off the above, be careful when restocking your roll. Sure, that super soft triple-ply name-brand might seem like a dream, but it will also make your plumbing more susceptible to clogging.
  3. Consider a video camera inspection. Are you a house-hunter considering a purchase? Or perhaps you’re a long-time homeowner with plumbing that’s stood the test of time. Either way, a camera inspection is a great idea to help you see the bigger picture and determine the “health” of your sewer lines before a problem occurs.
  4. Keep roots out of reach. Keeping your garden in check is just one way to prevent plumbing problems. Over time, unruly roots can grow, engulf and invade your sewer lines. Don’t let them! Make sure to cut back any overgrown trees and track your root growth over time. Read more on how to deal with invasive tree roots in your sewer lines.

Looking to get a head start on your clog prevention checklist? Allow Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter to provide a full camera inspection. If there’s a problem brewing – be it from tree roots, debris clog, or natural corrosion – we’ll find it! For more information, call us at 714-630-8766 or contact us online.