5 Tips to Clear a Clogged Drain

The dreaded drain clog — every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only are clogged drains a nuisance, but they can be pretty gross and costly to repair if not handled properly. But before you panic, these tips might help:

  1. Break out the plunger. The easiest plan of attack, and the best place to start, is with your trusty plunger. Sometimes, simply plunging some forced air and strong suction through your drain will help loosen the clog enough to resume water flow.
  2. Do a little DIY. Pouring baking soda, followed by boiling water, followed by white vinegar down your drain can sometimes help wiggle the clog free. This will help the lodged material break down, and the bubbling from the chemical reaction can help move it along.
  3. Reach for the snake. No, not an actual snake! A plumber’s snake, which can be used to reach deep down into your drain to pull away and dislodge the clogging culprit.
  4. Put down the drain cleaner. Whatever you do, avoid chemical drain cleaners at all costs! Sure, they make some pretty promises on those bottles, but the chemicals used can corrode your pipes in the long run — causing even bigger problems down the line.
  5. Phone a friend. Sometimes a clogged drain is too tough for even the most experienced DIY-er to handle. When that happens, it’s time to call in the pros. Whether it’s high-pressure hydrojetting, replaced plumbing, or a simple camera inspection you require, your local plumber can get it done.

The best way to clear a clogged rain is to take necessary precautions to prevent clogs in the first place — and the best way to do that is with regular maintenance and drain cleaning services. Fortunately for folks in Anaheim and the surrounding areas, Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter is offering a $99 drain cleaning special to first time customers*! Just dial 714-630-8766 and book your appointment today.

*This applies to first time residential customers during regular business hours, main lines thru an accessible outside clean-out, cabling only, homeowners must be present (no rentals). Cannot combine with any other discount. One discount per customer.