Get the Whole Family Motivated for Spring Cleaning!

*Last updated March 6, 2018.

Spring is the best time of the year! Not only does the spring season itself represent new beginnings from an environmental perspective, but it also represents a time of refreshing for your home as well. That being said, if you’re anything like us, we bet you can’t wait to get a head start on your spring cleaning checklist. Lucky for you, we’ve got an idea to make those tasks fly by even faster and more efficiently — by getting the whole family involved! Here’s how:

Explain the importance.

Explaining the benefit that each spring cleaning task will have for your family members will make them more likely to get involved. Perhaps your teen doesn’t realize that by cleaning out the sink and scrubbing the tub, he or she will be less likely to get sick and miss the first BBQ of the season with friends! Making things relevant and putting them into perspective is key.

Make it a competition — who doesn’t like to win?

How you choose to display your leaderboard is up to you, but having one in the first place can really help get those chores going! Have points assigned for different tasks — for example: maybe cleaning out one’s closet and packing up winter clothes is worth 10 points, but cleaning out the entire garage is worth 30. List out all of your spring cleaning tasks on a chore board of sorts, and have family members snag tasks and race to the finish!

Yard sale, anyone? Seller’s keepers!

Speaking of a competition… we bet there are plenty of sellable items hanging around your house without a purpose. Do we smell a garage sale on the horizon? Muster up the troops and remind them that the more they have for the sale, the more money they’ll make — as they’ll be able to keep the profits from their own items. Money is the best motivator!

Dance your way to a sparkling space.

Who says you can’t whistle while you work? Let loose and have some fun. Cleaning can be a daunting task for anyone, but not when you have some of your favorite music on in the background! Whether you’re dusting, vacuuming, or simply re-organizing, put on a family-friendly playlist so that everyone can dance along while they do their chores. (You’ll get some exercise while you’re at it too!)

Have high expectations, but loosen the reins.

There’s nothing like doing something yourself, and that’s a fact. Unfortunately, you’re only one person, which means you’re not going to be able to feasibly hit every mark on your spring cleaning checklist alone. On the flipside, you have to be willing to let your family members take a task and run with it in their own way. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how the tub gets scrubbed. The important thing is that it’s done!

While you’re building your list of spring to-do’s don’t forget to add “call Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter for seasonal plumbing maintenance” to the list! Whether you’re overdue for maintenance on your water softener or are interested in having your plumbing inspected for possible clogs and cracks, we’re here to make sure you head into the spring season without a hitch!

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