Signs Your Home Plumbing Is Backed Up

You know that your sewer line removes waste and wastewater from your home, but do you know what happens when that drain line is clogged? Not many homeowners do! Here are a few signs that you’ll want to keep a close eye on in the event your home’s plumbing system is backing up.

Signs Your Plumbing is Backed Up:

  • There Is a Smell Coming from Your Drains – If you notice a foul smell coming from your sink, toilet or other plumbing fixture, there may be a sewer line clog.
  • Your Bathtub Is Draining Very Slowly – Is your bathtub draining slower than usual? If the water can’t drain, it may because something is blocking its way.
  • Your Toilet is Clogged – A toilet clog is a red flag. If your toilet is backed up or you hear any strange noises coming from it when you flush, there may be a clog in your drain line.
  • Your Bathtub Is Gurgling – When your sewer line is backed up, you may find that your plumbing fixtures, including your bathtub, shower, sink and toilet, make gurgling noises. As wastewater moves past the sewer clog, it hits air pockets that make noises.

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