3 Showering Tips for Halloween Night

Halloween is a week away, and we’re sure you and your family are already getting into the spirit! Costumes, cobwebs, and candy are just some of the most famous staples of this spooky holiday, but do you know what’s even scarier? Trying to wash away all that holiday grime after a day full of facepaint and fun! Fortunately for you and your family though, it doesn’t have to be such a scary endeavor. Here’s how to make showering away the day easier on Halloween night.

  1. Have makeup remover at the ready. If you thought your Halloween makeup was scary after application, just wait and see what it looks after taking a shower! Makeup, especially heavy costume makeup, can be stubborn. Washing your, or your child’s, face before hopping in the shower with a good makeup remover can make all the difference.
  2. Grab a great exfoliator. Again, think about that thick layer of face paint that was suffocating your pores all day! Exfoliate any stubborn bits away for fresh, gorgeous skin. The same goes for glitter, shaving cream, and sweat… Because let’s be honest, is it really Halloween without a shaving cream fight? We didn’t think so!
  3. Make sure to give your shower stall a good rinse. Once each family member has scrubbed the last remnants of his or her costume away, it’s time to show your tub some love. Washing it out can help prevent stubborn bits from clogging the drain, and face paint or colored hairspray from washing out and causing a stain on your tiles.

You know what else makes showering more enjoyable? Soft water! Say goodbye to brittle hair, dry skin and rust rings around the tub, and hello to a new water softening system from Barker and Sons. Change doesn’t have to be scary! (See what we did there?)

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