What is BioOne Drain Cleaner?

It ain’t easy being green! And no, we’re not referring to the famed muppet, Kermit the Frog. What we mean to say, is that it’s not easy being Orange County’s certified green plumber. But if someone’s got to do it, we’re certainly glad it’s us! As part of our commitment to going green for the environment, we’ve made sure to use only products that follow the green philosophy, too. Curious which one is our favorite? The one, the only BioOne drain cleaner!

What is BioOne, anyway?

We’re so glad you asked. BioOne is a completely “green” and safe product that can help keep drains clean and odor free. Essentially, it’s made up of a “hungry bacteria” that actually feeds on the waste and gunk in your pipes to prevent backups and expensive plumbing damage.

What’s so great about BioOne?

Are you asking if there are there benefits besides the fact that it’s all-natural? Sure there are — allow us to name a few:

  • Perfect for residential use.
  • Comes with a premeasured cap for easy use.
  • Eliminates stubborn buildup, like hair and grease.
  • It’s 100% affordable!

On top of that, it can be used to treat a variety of plumbing issues, including but not limited to:

  • Kitchen sink, bathtub and shower clogs,
  • Washing machine drain clogs,
  • And sewer odor from septic tanks and drain fields.

Interested in purchasing some BioOne to keep handy in your home and make drain cleaning simple? Call us today!

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