What is BioOne Drain Cleaner?

It ain’t easy being green! And no, we’re not referring to Kermit the Frog. What we mean is that it’s not easy being Orange County’s certified green plumber. But if someone’s got to do it, we’re glad it’s us! As part of our commitment to the environment, we only use products that follow the green philosophy, too.

So when it comes to drain cleaners, which one is our favorite?

Easy. It’s BioOne drain cleaner.

What is BioOne, anyway?

BioOne is an inexpensive, non-caustic, friendly bacterial solution that naturally digests oil, grease, and food wastes into water and carbon dioxide. BioOne is a completely “green” and safe product that can help keep drains clean and odor free.

BioOne is made up of a hungry bacteria that feeds on the waste and gunk in your pipes to prevent backups and expensive plumbing damage. Because this bacteria is naturally occurring, it is safer and healthier to use around your family. It also won’t damage your pipes with caustic chemicals, making it perfect for clogged pipes and safe for septic systems.

What’s so great about BioOne?

Are there benefits to BioOne besides the fact that it’s all-natural? Sure there are — allow us to name a few:

  • Perfect for residential use.
  • Comes with a pre-measured cap for easy use.
  • Eliminates stubborn buildup, like hair and grease.
  • It’s 100% affordable!

On top of that, it can be used to treat a variety of plumbing issues, including but not limited to:

  • Kitchen sink, bathtub and shower clogs
  • Washing machine drain clogs
  • Sewer odor from septic tanks and drain fields

BioOne vs. Other Drain Cleaners

Many cleaners just emulsify grease and oil, which is in violation of many local regulations. BioOne literally consumes and digests grease and oil and improves wastewater quality.

Although you may think regular, run-of-the-mill drain cleaners work perfectly fine, you may notice a slight burning sensation when using the sink or bathtub after treatment. Chemicals in these caustic cleaners often splash up and leave a residue. In addition, they lose effectiveness as they go down the pipes and can damage the pipes themselves.

BioOne is completely “green” and safe, with no harsh chemical fumes or residue. It’s a natural way to keep drains clean and odor free, as well as keep your pipes healthy and maintained.

How to Purchase BioOne

Interested in purchasing some BioOne to keep handy in your home and make drain cleaning simple? Call us today!

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