Spooky Plumbing Sounds

Picture it: your home alone on your couch, just about to sit and relax for the night when a sudden strange, and startling nose fills your home.

Though you might be lost in the Halloween spirit and are quick to assume you’re suddenly dealing with a spooky experience, chances are you’re dealing more with a plumbing problem than a ghostly one. 

From whistling to a rumble, here are some everyday unsettling noises that could be considered:

That Hissing or Whistling of a Ghost

Though you might think it’s the wind or the unknown roaming around your home, the hissing or whistling you are hearing might be coming from your bathroom — specifically your toilet. Probably from an old and aging fill valve, the piece that tells your toilet when to stop filling up. When it starts to deteriorate, it can begin to make some startling noises, mostly right before it’s on the way out. 

Sudden Rumbles in The Night

If you’re noticing a rattle or vibrating throughout the walls, the cause could be tied back to your water pressure. When high water pressure moves through your pipes, it can lead to a vibrating noise. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it can also lead to damage if ignored for too long.

A Startling Bang

When a water valve connected to a pipe is suddenly shut off, all the water that usually flows freely is left with nowhere to go and leads to what is known as water hammering. That crashing of water into that valve is causing that banging that probably grabbed your attention. Air bubbles in your pipes could also be to blame, either way, it’s best to get it looked like a professional quickly. 

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