The Hidden Signs of Hard Water

Residents in Orange County are no stranger to the term “hard water,” but for some, knowing when it’s a problem is not always so obvious. Though you might know the common signs like spots on your dishes and water pressure, there are a few hidden signs that could easily be ignored. 

Even if you thought you had your hard water under control, sometimes your mineral count could be on the rise, and these subtle signs could be giving you a heads-up.

So to ensure you’re not missing the clues that your water quality isn’t where it should be, make sure your home isn’t experiencing any of the below: 

Dull Laundry 

Are you finding that your shiny new wardrobe isn’t, well, shiny? Does it feel like you’re using more detergent than before? When a high mineral count is present in the water, it can counteract your soap and make it hard to give your clothes that deep clean you once were able to achieve. Often, you’ll find specific items are stiff, dull, and fading faster. 

Dry and Itchy Skin

Just like your laundry soap, the minerals in your hard water will work against your shower soaps, making it hard to get clean and leaving behind a film. Not exactly what you’d expect after a nice long shower! 

Issues With Your Appliances

Beyond using more soap, these minerals can build up in the drains and plumbing of your appliances, often shortening their lifespan. Not to mention, if you’re not getting the wash you need, you’re probably putting your machines to more use, ultimately creating more wear and tear. 

Residue on Your Fixtures

Lastly, if you experience the above and constant soap scum, hard water is probably present and water conditioning but be all you need to get your water soft and clean in no time!

Stop living with the annoying effects of hard water, and look to Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter for a permanent solution. We offer a variety of water softening systems to meet each of our customers’ needs individually.

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