Plumbing Safety Tips for National Safety Month

June marks the start of National Safety Month, created to encourage active prevention against unintentional injury and accidents. Though safety should be practiced every day, the team at Barker and Sons Plumbing wanted to take this time to reflect on some actions all homeowners can take to ensure they are doing their part to prevent a plumbing emergency or injury. With minimal effort, you can do your part in a safer home for all! 

When it comes to your plumbing, you may want to consider these safety measures: 

Ensure Your Plumbing is Slip-Proof and Safe

A slippery tub or bathroom floor can lead to many slips and falls. If you find your tub is leaving a slippery feeling with each use, you may want to consider adding a non-slip mat, strip, or tiles to prevent a fall. If you live with elderly or handicapped family members, adding in safety measures for the toilet and tub to make it easier to use too. A full look at your bathroom’s safety is never a bad idea.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature

If you have young ones in your home or find that your water gets a bit hotter than needed, check the thermostat on your water heater. If it’s set any higher than 120 degrees, it’s best to lower this to avoid any potential injuries.

Know Signs of Major Damage 

Mold and pests are two unwanted home issues, and both could occur when sewer line issues go ignored. When water spots start occurring, drains start slowing, or constant plumbing problems arise, it’s best to get a professional plumber to come to inspect your home to prevent any further damage. Routine plumbing inspections can also help you prevent significant issues from occurring in the future too. 

Plumbing Repair in Orange County 

The experts at Barker and Sons Plumbing are doing their part in ensuring our customer’s needs are safely met during any circumstances. Call us at (714) 452-1380 or request service online today!