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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heaters in Orange County, CA

If you’re already using a heat pump to heat and cool your home in Orange County, CA, you know how efficient they can be. But did you know you can use that same energy efficient heating for your water heater as well? At Barker & Sons, our expert plumbers can install a heat pump water heater in your home, either as a stand-alone or a combination water heating and space conditioning system. Best of all, heat pump water heaters can be conventional or tankless water heaters and are compatible with air-source and geothermal heat pumps! Want more information? Call Barker & Sons today!

Benefits of Heat Pump Water Heater

Like standard heat pumps, heat pump water heaters pull heat out of the air and deposit it elsewhere—in this case, into your water heater tank. As we mentioned, you can purchase a stand-alone heat pump water heater with a built-in storage tank and backup electric heating elements for emergencies, or you can retrofit your existing heat pump to work with a conventional storage tank water heater.

If you have a geothermal heat pump, your savings can go even higher! Many geothermal heat pumps can be equipped with what’s called a desuperheater which takes superheated gas from the heat pump’s compressor to heat water. During the winter, the desuperheater can provide much of your hot water and during the summer, it’s enough to provide all of it and then some! Desuperheaters can be added to tankless and conventional storage tank waters, making any water heater into a heat pump water heater!

Heat pump water heaters work best in places that stay between 40 – 90° F,meaning heat pump water heaters in Orange County are perfect! They also need to be installed in a room with at least 1,000 cubic feet of air space, with the cool exhaust air vented either in the room or outdoors—preferably outdoors, as heat pump water heaters don’t work efficiently in cold spaces.

Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

As with anything, heat pump water heaters need to be installed properly if you want them to work properly. And when you call Barker & Sons, that’s never an issue! Our expert plumbers have been installing heat pump water heaters in Orange County, CA for nearly three decades. We have an A+ BBB rating and have hundreds of happy customers throughout Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Fullerton and beyond.  If you’ve read enough and want to install a heat pump water heater in Orange County, CA, call Barker & Sons today!

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We value your time and know you’re busy. We will schedule an exact appointment time to meet you and perform your heat pump water heater installation—and we’ll show up on time!

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We’re the plumbers that other plumbers learn from, so you can count on the fact that we’ll put our expert knowledge and experience to work for you. Your heat pump water heater installation job will be done right the first time so you can have peace of mind you made the right decision. Licensed and insured, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Our safety-conscious workers wear sanitary booties and keep your family’s house clean. And have we mentioned we’re green? We not only aim to meet and exceed your needs, but we’re also doing our part to meet the ever-changing needs of our environment.

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