The Benefits of Green Plumbing: Installing Tankless Water Heaters

Barker & Sons is proud to be Orange County’s certified green plumbing company. We are committed to doing our part for the environment and educating our customers on what they can do to save water and energy. We promote energy efficient plumbing installations such as tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, water-saving shower heads and faucets, and low flow toilets. These items are often more efficient than their predecessors, giving you better performance in addition to lowering your energy bills.

Take, for example, your water heater. A traditional water heater with a tank has several strikes against it. First, 20-40% of the energy it uses is lost due to radiant heat escaping from the tank. Second, the amount of hot water available to you consists of what is in the tank. If you use it all up taking a shower, the next person to come along would have to wait a while for the tank to refill. Third, owners often have to keep the temperature setting very high (130 degrees Fahrenheit) in order for the water to heat quickly, which increases the risk of scalding. Finally, conventional water heaters have a lifespan of only about 6-12 years.

By purchasing a tankless water heater, you will no longer have these issues. First, tankless heaters reduce water heating costs by as much as 50% by heating water only on demand. Because there is no tank involved, no heat will escape and be wasted, and your hot water supply will be unlimited. Next, tankless water heaters have more sophisticated temperature gauges that allow you to set the temperature to what you will actually use. This eliminates the chance of scalding, and will save you 3-5% in energy costs for each 10 degrees you lower the temperature. Finally, tankless water heaters can last an economical 20 years or longer.

Tankless water heaters have an additional bonus in that the electric units are the size of a briefcase, allowing you to reclaim valuable floor space your conventional heater is using currently. If you would like to learn more, please call Barker & Sons today at (714) 630-8766.