Plumbing Projects That Are Best Left To The Pros

From minor in-home repairs to landscaping, car troubleshooting and so much more, we all like to say that we’re handy in our own way. And while knowing how to DIY in certain situations is definitely beneficial, when it comes to something as intricate and complex as your plumbing system, sometimes it’s just better to leave things to the pros.

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Below, let’s take a look at three separate occasions that require a phone call to the experts here at Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter:

  1. Slab leak repair: You may be able to put a stop to the minor leak that stems from your faucet, but when it’s hidden beneath your concrete slab foundation, your best bet is to rely on our slab leak repair services. That’s because it usually requires some underground work and may involve some pretty important pipes.
  2. Pipe leak detection: It’s easy to spot a leak when it’s coming from somewhere obvious, but if it’s deep within your walls, call on us for our pipe leak detection services – of course we’ll repair the leak too! The reason for this? Whereas you might feel you need to start opening up your walls to find the leak, we have some of the best technology available that lets us locate it much more easily.
  3. Gas leak repair: Anything that involves gas and/or your gas lines always requires professional help. Since working with gas is dangerous and approaching a gas problem without the necessary skills and experience poses major safety risks, it’s best to contact a qualified professional any time you have a concern.

In addition to any plumbing projects that require major work, you’re always better off contacting a professional for minor projects too – a company like us will always get the job done right the first time, no matter how big or small!

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