Your Garden vs. Your Plumbing

You may already be familiar with the idea that tree roots can interfere with your plumbing, but have you ever thought about how your garden can impact your plumbing too? Sure, your beautiful blooming roses seem harmless, as do grass clippings after you’ve tidied up the area surrounding your garden, but the truth is that they can directly effect your plumbing if you aren’t careful.

multicolored flowerbed on a lawn

To be able to fully enjoy your yard and garden this summer without having to worry about them damaging your plumbing, follow along with these tips:

Tips For Garden and Yard Maintenance

Clean up after trimming and cutting. Trimming your lawn on a regular basis not only keeps your yard looking nice and fresh, but it can also help reduce the amount of weeds that take over. However, when grass clippings aren’t cleaned up, there’s a chance that they’ll build up over time and sneak into your drainage system – the end result, a clog.

Control root growth. As we said earlier, a common cause of clogged sewers is tree roots – similarly, the roots from shrubs and hedges can cause a problem too. That said, it’s important for shrubs and hedges to be trimmed regularly, as this can help you have some more control over their root growth and hopefully prevent things from getting too messy underground.

Remove garden debris. In addition to cleaning up grass clippings, don’t forget to clean up any other garden debris such as branches that may have fallen in the area. The reason for this is that when given the chance to accumulate, garden debris can turn into a pile of organic fertilizer, which will naturally encourage growth in plants in the area. As a result, like shrubs and hedges, other surrounding plant roots could also make their way into your sewer line and cause a problem.

If you have yet to start planting in your garden, try to avoid areas near your sewer lines so that you can work to prevent a problem all together. Additionally, it’s also recommended that you have a sewer inspection performed at the end of the growing season to double check that everything taking place underground hasn’t harmed your plumbing!

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