Reasons Why Your Pipes Are Leaking

You’ve probably heard a lot about leaks before, such as how you can detect one or how to quickly perform repairs, but have you ever been given any background on why pipes start to leak like they do? We know we would be wondering why our plumbing fixtures started to leak if we weren’t familiar with the reasoning, so today we invite you to get to know more about your plumbing by providing answers to this very question.

Common Reasons Why Pipes Leak

  1. Excess pressure. When too much pressure is applied to pipes, it can easily cause them to spring a leak. While yes, plumbing materials are designed to be able to withstand pressure, keep in mind that they really can only handle so much.
  2. Cracks. Although cracks aren’t experienced as commonly due to new advances in plumbing technology, they’re certainly still possible. For those pipes that do crack, the water has to go somewhere as it travels through, so it’s only natural that a bit would begin to seep out.
  3. Corrosion. Corroding pipes can absolutely lead to a leak as well, and corrosion can be caused by a number of factors – these factors include the chemicals in your water, the pH in your water, the temperature of your water, the water pressure (cue cause number one) and velocity, and the oxygen content of your water.

Now, keep in mind that faucets and toilets aren’t the only thing that may leak at home – you may also experience a slab leak one day too. While these can also be caused by corrosion, some other reasons why a slab leak may occur include the ground shifting, the age of the pipes, installation and abrasion.

Regardless of whether you have a minor faucet leak or a major slab leak, our top-notch leak detection and repair services can solve the problem in no time. So, the next time you notice any sign of a possible leak, just give us a call at 714.630.8766.