3 Sump Pump Sounds You Shouldn’t Ignore

Your sump pump is a very important part of your home’s plumbing system. Why? Because it protects your home from damage caused by minor floods. Imagine your sump pump just stops working one day, and on that very same day, a pipe bursts or the weather decides to take a turn for the worse — turning your basement into a swimming pool. Now what?

…A whole lot of money spent on flood cleanup and home repairs, that’s what! Fortunately, with the right sump pump maintenance, surprises like these can usually be avoided. First up, identifying these three sump pump sounds you absolutely, positively should never ignore:

  1. Metal Clanging: That *ting, ting* sound you may have grown accustomed to over time actually is a big deal. Usually, this signifies that the pipe is hitting the pump’s basin or the well’s wall. The solution? In some cases, wrapping or insulating the pipes with rubber will do the trick, but in others, a complete plumbing reroute is required.
  2. Gurgling: When it comes to plumbing, gurgling of any kind is usually a not-so-great sign — and when it comes to your sump pump, that’s no different. Switching to a spring-loaded valve can help reduce and even eliminate that unfortunately familiar swishing noise by managing water flow more evenly.
  3. Motor Noises: Let’s face it, things aren’t built like the used to be anymore, and in the case of sump pumps, these days they’re built even better. Older systems tend to be noisier than others, as opposed to newer, cast-iron pump systems. Rubber stoppers may help quiet a noisy motor, but your best bet is to upgrade to a brand new, self-lubricating model, with a lower resting motor.

Your sump pump performs a very important job to keep your home safe from sudden flooding. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to let a professional diagnose and remedy any funny noises you might hear it making. Luckily, for all your sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance needs, there’s Barker and Sons Plumbing & Rooter!

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