How Can Barker Help Repair My Sewers?

Clogged toilet? Sewage smell? We know that these problems are frustrating for any homeowner. Which is why we are always ready to help with fast, friendly and expert sewer repair services. No matter what time of day — we are here to help find a remedy for your sewer problems quickly and efficiently.

What types of sewer repairs do we make?

We repair broken or cracked pipes, pipes that are blocked by tree roots or grease, pipes that are deteriorating, pipes that have sunk into the ground due to soil conditions, pipes with leaking joins, and more.

How do we identify the problem?

With our state-of-the-art video technology, we can identify and diagnose your sewer line problem without digging up your front yard. We can see inside of your sewer line for you. Don’t take our word for it — we can show you exactly what is wrong with your sewer line.

How do we repair sewer lines?

We know that traditional sewer repair methods can be messy and time-consuming. That’s why we utilize underground trenchless sewer repair solutions. While we can use our technology to identify the problem, that’s not the only benefit to trenchless technology — it also helps you save money, maintain your current landscape, and it’s completed quickly.

If your sewer pipes need to be repaired, our trenchless technology can help you repair your pipes without damaging your groundcover, shrugs and trees. Learn more about our trenchless sewer replacement services and what our professional plumbing technicians can do for you on our website or by giving our office a call directly.