How to Inspect the Inside of Your Sewer Line?

The most important piece of your home’s entire plumbing system is…the main sewer line.


All of the water lines in your home that dispense water for your use require some form of a drain and drain pipe that will remove said water. Each one of these drain pipes is connected to the main sewer line where the wastewater is channeled to the sewer system (or septic system).

If your sewer line develops any issues, you could be in BIG trouble. Here’s how you inspect the inside of your sewer line to know if something has gone wrong:

Inspect With a Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection

The most optimal way to inspect the inside of your sewer line (other than digging it up and cracking it open) is to contact your local plumbing company for a sewer line video camera inspection.

In order to see inside of your sewer line, a professional plumber will insert a video camera line into one of your home’s drain pipes (or directly into the sewer line) and feed the camera until the plumber has seen the entirety of the sewer line.

Video camera inspections will allow your plumber to see if there are any cracks, leaks, tree roots, blockages, or any other problems that your sewer line could be having.

When Would You Need a Sewer Line Video Camera Inspection?

If your home’s plumbing has been experiencing some odd behavior, then you may want to consider calling your plumber. Some warning signs can include: frequent toilet clogs, backed-up drains, bubbling toilets, an unusually high water bill, or a slightly flooded front yard.

These are common signs of a main sewer line problem and an inspection should be done ASAP.

You should also inspect your main sewer line if you plan to add another bathroom to your home. If your home is going to be experiencing an increase in wastewater, then your sewer line should be checked out to ensure it can handle this increase.

When it comes to the most important piece of your home’s plumbing system, you should have it inspected any time you feel there may be a problem.

Our professional plumbers here at Barker & Sons are trained in video camera inspections for sewer lines and are always available when you need us most!