For many homeowners, a clogged drain can seem like something that occurred due to the habits you’ve created in your home. Whether it’s from not utilizing a hair catcher or flushing everything and anything down your toilet, many minor clogs and drain issues could indeed be caused by you. However, there are certain instances where an outdoor element is leading to a significant, and often troublesome problem —  the main culprit being tree roots. 

When a tree’s root is looking for water or needs space to grow, it can make its way to your pipes in search of sustenance. From there, they grow, obstructing (and potentially stopping) the water flow and damaging your sewer pipes. Though signs are not always visible, here are four ways you can tell  you have a tree root obstruction in your yard: 

Gurgling in Your Toilets

If you have continuously snake your drains but are still hearing a gurgling noise with every flush, it’s often due to obstructed tree roots as it’s blocking water flow.

Slower Drains

The same situation goes for your drain. Roots will block your sewer pipes, making water pool in your tub and sink. This will often leave you with a drastically slower drain flow than average.

Unpleasant Odor

Since you will now have tree roots in your pipes, what usually goes down your drain, can’t as freely as it once did. This will lead to clogs and blockages, and the substances of those clogs and blockages can begin to put out some not so pleasant odors. If you’ve snaked your drains continuously, but still are finding the smell is persistent around the home, tree roots may be the cause.

Enhanced Tree Growth

If a sudden tree in your yard begins to flourish and grow faster than the rest, and it’s located near or around sewer pipes, along with the above issues, it could be invading your sewer line. The extra moisture it’s now getting has allowed it to grow and flourish as it should.

Consider a Video Camera Inspection

If you believe tree root obstruction could be taking over your plumbing, we can help! Often the first step is to consider a sewer line camera inspection. This will allow us to get to the root of the problem by seeing fully inside your pipes. At Barker and Sons, we are trained experts in a video camera. Family owned and operated; we have been serving Orange County for over 35 years. 

We offer upfront pricing and train our staff to the highest standards, so we make repairs right the first time — saving you time and money.

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