5 Warning Signs of Sewer Line Damage

For many homeowners, a severe plumbing problem can seem to appear out of nowhere and when you least expect it. However, with some major plumbing issues, such as damage to your sewer line, there are subtle signs that could hint at a starting point. Knowing what to look for can help stop the leak or damage early before it becomes a significant and costly repair. 

When it comes to your sewer line, these are five main signs that it’s time to call a plumber:

1. Slow Drains

The first sign of a possible sewer blockage is slower than regular draining. If ignored, a backup will eventually occur. If blockages are happening and appear to be in all drains, and you notice backups with every flush or turn-on of a faucet, a main sewer line issue is most likely present. 

2. Foul Smells

A sudden warning sign odor you might start to smell is that of rotten eggs, skunk, or raw sewage. Because your sanitary sewer is airtight (other than the vent stacks on your roof), a smell signifies a crack, opening, or dried out or broken seal. In severe cases, it may be a crack in your main sewer line. Either way, you will need a professional for repair.

3. Mold Issues in the Home

In addition to the newfound odor, if you start to see signs of mold growth on your walls or ceiling, there is a good chance it’s because of a break in your sewer line. When a crack occurs, humidity levels will increase, making the perfect environment for mold to live and grow. When both a foul smell and mold growth are present, you’ll want to call a plumber immediately, as it could lead to health issues and further home damage down the road.

4. Soggy Spots in Your Yard

Beyond the internal signs, sewer issues can appear in the exterior of your home too. Unexpected soggy patches on your lawn, especially where your pipes run or begin, are a good indicator of a leak in your sewer line. 

5. New Green Grass Spots 

In addition to soggy spots, if there is a sudden growth or lush spot on your lawn, there’s a good chance your leak is now a crack in your pipes. When a break is present, the waste that leaks out begins to add like fertilizer, leading to greener, nice-looking grass. This will be present in certain areas where your pipes lie.

When you notice these signs, it’s time to call your trusted local plumber.

Your Anaheim Sewer Line Experts

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