Earthquake Preparedness in Orange County

If you’ve lived in California for a little while, chances are you have experience at least one earthquake, even if it was just a slight tremor. Our environment here in California is unlike most others in the country. Each year, Orange County and other parts of Southern California experience about 10,000 earthquakes. Several hundred of these are greater than a 3.0 magnitude, and approximately 15-20 are greater than a 4.0 magnitude. However, larger earthquakes can happen at any time. It’s important to be aware that earthquakes can cause gas lines in your home to rupture, a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

Should a major incident occur, you may be unable to shut off your gas on your own. With public safety services having so many emergencies to handle, there could be a wait period before they can reach you to assist. If you are trapped inside your home during this time, your life is in imminent danger due to the possibility of asphyxia, fire, and explosion.

Thankfully, Barker & Sons has a way to help you take control and avoid this situation. Our licensed professionals can install an earthquake shutoff valve in your home, which will automatically shut down your gas system in the event of an earthquake of 5.4 magnitude or greater. In the event that you are not at home or otherwise unable to shut off your gas line, you can have peace of mind that it has already been handled. The valve can be reset by either you or a professional when it is safe to do so.

As an additional method of preparedness, the Southern California Earthquake Center recommends homeowners make sure the gas and water lines attached to their water heaters are made of flexible copper connectors.

To discuss earthquake shutoff valves or any other plumbing and heating issue, please call Barker & Sons Orange County plumbers today for a consultation.