Handling Gas Leaks in Orange County

Folks in Anaheim, Irvine, Fullerton, Newport Beach, and Garden Grove may be familiar with the Millennium Pipeline—it delivers much of the natural gas used in homes and businesses throughout Orange County. Natural gas is great. It’s a domestically-produced fuel that keeps more of our energy dollars at home, rather than sending them to unstable regions of the world. Homes in Orange County with natural gas heating also generally tend to face lower energy bills as opposed to oil-heated homes. Natural gas is clean, efficient, and pretty safe.

While rare, natural gas line leaks can be extremely dangerous, so it’s important that you understand the signs of a gas leak and react appropriately if you observe them.

Signs of a Gas Leak

The most telling sign of a natural gas line leak is a foul rotten egg odor produced by the natural gas coming into your home. This odor is actually added to the natural gas so it can be detected in the event of a leak. A hissing sound coming from the area around a gas appliance is another indicator of a possible gas leak.

There are also some signs of a gas leak you can observe outside your Orange County home:

  • Dirt or dust being blown into the air
  • Water or mud bubbling
  • Fire coming from the ground or appearing to hover above the ground
  • Dead or dying vegetation in an otherwise green area outside your home

Reacting to a Gas Leak

If you suspect a natural gas leak, follow these instructions:

  • Do not attempt to locate the leak
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances
  • Do not try to shut off any gas valves
  • Do not smoke or use any open flames, matches, or lighters
  • Do not start any vehicles

Never try and repair a gas leak on your own—it’s a lethal gamble that should not be taken! You should leave the area immediately and warn others to stay clear of the area. If you suspect a gas leak, call us immediately at (714) 630-8766—it’s a pressing issue that must be addressed and dealt with quickly.

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