Spring Cleaning Your Kitchen: Tips From Your Plumber

Hidden Signs to Look for While Cleaning Your Kitchen

For most homeowners in Orange County, spring cleaning is in full effect. Whether you are organizing your draws or cleaning those neglected spots in your kitchen and bathroom, there are a few things we want you to keep in mind when completing your list, and you guessed it, they are all plumbing related.

So as you begin to tackle your kitchen cleaning, keep these things in mind:

Organize Under The Cabinets

What lives under your kitchen sink? For many, it’s often cleaning products. If so, now is the time to go through it and make sure you are stocked and ready to go.

Look at the labels and decide to go green if you can.

While you are amid your cleaning product cleanout, keep an eye out for any wet spots or condensation around the pipes. Often under sink leaks can go unnoticed, leaving major water damage down the line. 

Consider Your Drains

First off, when was the last time you cleaned your drains? As you scrub your sink and organize the kitchen, pay attention to how your drain flows. Is there a strange odor coming from it? Does it seem to be pooling up and having trouble going down?

You can try some DIY drain solutions or call a plumber to get it professionally done. Taking care of it now, before it becomes a significant clog, will ensure you aren’t handling a messy issue down the road.

Look for Hidden Issues

Beyond problems with your drains, you’ll want to look for a few other minor signs that something needs a repair. Look for water pooling around your fixtures, as this often signifies a small leak.

Keep an eye out for rust or water spots, or any fixture issues that you might overlook daily. Some other things to keep an eye out for include:

  • Water spots on fixtures or plates as this could be hard water
  • A change in your water flow
  • Pooling in or around your dishwasher
  • Discolored water

For more ways to identify a pipe leak, read»  5 Signs of Hidden Pipe Leak You Shouldn’t Ignore.

Go for The Upgrades

Your dishwasher not cleaning like it once did, your sink faucet starting to look a little dated or rusty? Been looking to change up your kitchen sink for a while now? Spring is the perfect time to make these updates. A few minor changes can make a significant impact on your kitchen.

Family Plumbing Repair in Orange County

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